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Reflections on the tea party

I've been reflecting lately and, I've been thinking about the people that tell me I'm off base on the tea party movement, then one sent an invitation to a Glenn Beck special, It was replete with demonizing Mr. Soros as a non-conformant Jew who made a lot of money in an unregulated currency market and earned the title of the man who broke the bank of England. Apparently Mr. Soros understands the dangers of unregulated finical markets very well and would like to see more regulation. He is a philanthropist and a political contributor to causes that do not make some happy. He holds views that are shared by many in this world. However demonizing of those who hold views or opinions that aren't like their own, is a popular attack that was used against Jews by the Nazis especially Jews that made money or had money. Any similarities?

Along another vein I have been a bartender among my other occupations in life and I realized that the difference between bartenders and drug pushers is one is selling legal chemicals and the other is selling illegal chemicals. The historical reason that the illegal ones became illegal is that the lobby of the whiskey industry put on a horrific campaign against opium as it was cutting into their profits. I also was raised as a rather fundamentalist Christian. Things have really changed over the last few years the radical right wing Christians are supporting a Bartender/pusher as the third in line for the presidency of the United States. When I was growing up there would have been a revolution in the church, they would have known that their leaders, were leading them, straight down the road to hell.

Jesse Nix


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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