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Political activity questioned

The Mission of the Rosenmeier Center for State and Local Government at Central Lakes College is to inform, to educate, to encourage citizens of Central Minnesota to participate in effective governance, planning, and leadership.

In 20 years since the inception of the Rosenmeier Center, many dedicated individuals have served the Rosenmeier Center Board and the public without an apparent conflict of interest. The many years of public service by current and past board members who have served in public office are very much appreciated. All good citizens appreciate those who unselfishly step forward to serve. One would expect those serving the Rosenmeier Center to have an interest in the political process.

There are qualified individuals in the Brainerd Lakes Area who would honorably serve the Rosenmeier Center without self-interest or making public their political affiliation. They should appear neutral, not promoting anyone's personal agenda and not using their position at the Rosenmeier Center to further personal ambitions. Some of the current board members fit that description.

Recent blatant actions by some board members during this past election season calls to question their motives for serving the Rosenmeier Center Among other inappropriate activities, three Rosenmeier Center board members were active in three different election campaigns for one person's pursuit of public office. That person was then named to the board and elevated to the executive board during his public campaign. It begs to question the motives of those individual board members.

The fact that other board members, Central Lakes College and the pubic accept this behavior sets the wrong precedent and a bad example for students at the college. This behavior should be acknowledged and resignations called for, regardless of personal relationships or how well the board members work together.

Rosenmeier Center Board members must first practice governing themselves.

Faye Leach

Rural Brainerd

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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