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The real goal of ObamaCare

Yes, this is a very greedy world we live in. And it has always been this way. Dogs only eat each other when they're starving. Why aren't we eating each other? Because we're not starving. And, we aren't starving because we have the most humane and powerful tool ever invented: Capitalism. Capitalism is the only economic system that channels our greedy natures into benefiting each other, instead of eating each other.

Hurray for the income gap! The larger the gap between the richest and poorest Americans, the more incentive and opportunity for the poor to become rich. So, what's keeping the poor poor? Could it be the Robin Hood liberals stealing from the rich to decrease opportunities, and giving to the poor to decrease incentive?

Why do we need the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: ObamaCare? Is it because the federal government spent $2.5 trillion last year on health care? The answer is no. It's not the federal government's job to pay for the health care of anyone, except the military. It's up to communities and families to help the truly needy.

Will it allow more Americans to have insurance? Not if it drives private insurance companies out of business, when they try to pay-off on pre-existing conditions.

Will it allow businesses to offer cheaper health insurance to their employees? No. Businesses will realize they'll save money by turning their employee insurance over to the government.

Will it stop insurance companies from taking advantage of customers? No. This is caused by judges letting settlement trials drag on for years.

Is it because it will provide federal funding for abortion? No, we already have that.

And, do we need ObamaCare because it will drive everyone into government-run, socialized medicine? Yes. That's been the real goal of ObamaCare all along.

Bill Maxfield


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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