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Good-bye America

When you look at what is going on in Congress today with the political posturing and in-fighting, one can only shake their heads and call it hopeless. We had this flicker of hope that the elections would finally bring change. The president appointed a committee to point us in the right direction, to try and crawl out of the debt we are mired in but both parties have rejected their advice. The Republicans want to keep pandering to the rich; the Democrats can't stop the entitlement programs. Both, failed policies that helped us get where we are.

So what can we the people do except write these letters to the paper that have us preaching to the choir. I say this because the people, who need to read these letters and pay some bit of attention to us, have tuned us out. They knew when they set off for Washington what they wanted to do, and nothing is going to change their minds. That's because their political party controls their minds.

It's sad to watch your country being destroyed by special interest groups that control our legislators. You grew up loving this country and all it once stood for. You stood in school and proudly said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang God Bless America, but all of that has changed and we find our patriotism digressing one small piece at a time. Yes back then, you wouldn't have thought about writing a letter like this.

It's like being a sports fan of a team that was never defeated, but now it's the fourth quarter and you see the winning streak coming to an end and now you don't know how to behave, but you do know a lot of your purpose in life is gone.

Mike Holst