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Let the government support you

Wyatt Emerich of the Cleveland Current recently ran an analysis on available disposable income.

He compared a single mother with three dependent children to a married couple with three dependent children.

His definition of disposable income was those funds available after paying payroll/Federal taxes, child care expense, and state income taxes (he used an average for several states).

 The single mother worked and earned minimum wages which resulted in$14,500 annual income. The married man earned $60,000 annual income.

The single mother received: Earned Tax Credit, food stamps, school lunch program, assistance for needy families, Medicaid/Chip, Section 8 rental subsidy, and utility bill assistance.

At the end of the year, the single mother had disposable income of $31,630; the married man had disposable income of $37,777. For the $6,000 difference why work a high-stress job, jump on the gravy train and let the government support you.

What's even more scary is that if she worked only one week per month her annual income would be $3,625 and her disposable income would be $31,630.

Something is terribly wrong with our entitlement society, and somebody needs to get fixing it or we all will be "on the dole."

Art Becker


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