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Poor financial management

Pawlenty attacks Washington over its debt, then secures a $600 million . line of credit for Minnesota. He said, "It will keep the state from running short of cash." This is poor financial management. If we used state money for construction projects, instead of borrowing, Minnesota wouldn't have to worry about its bond rating. Is delaying payments to schools and delaying tax refunds the way to handle this? It would be more responsible to set up an emergency fund.

The campaign rhetoric was not: "shopworn and gauzy." Dayton told everybody exactly how he intends to fix Minnesota's economy - raise taxes on the rich. Likewise, Emmer claimed that by reducing business taxes, more people would be hired, and more companies would move into the state, thus expanding the tax base. How much more of a blueprint do we need?

Who are the "profiteers of health care" that will lose money if ObamaCare is repealed?

When Tea Partiers say, "Take our country back," they mean that we should "be on the road to hyper-capitalism." Those who have "even the slightest openness to empiricism," can see that the redistribution of wealth in America, for the past 30 years, has all been downward - radically downward. The method of this redistribution has been to tax the job creators, and use the money to buy the votes of the poor. The higher the tax, the fewer opportunities for the poor, and the more votes that can be bought.

Tea Partiers want to take our country back from politicians, who run the country for their own benefit, and place it back in the hands of the American people. We can take care of ourselves, our families and our communities just fine, thank you, without government "help." Self-reliance made us prosperous and a beacon to the world.

Bill Maxfield