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Thoughts on various topics

I have enjoyed some things in the recent past especially the rants by the editor of the New Republic and the lady that seems to think good manners by our president is something to be ashamed of. I have been refreshed by a having members of our government not insulting the leaders of other nations and then crying because they don't come running to help when we get in over our heads. It is nice having France take the lead in fighting piracy and the Italians capturing pirates. The Chinese sending ships to help in this area and others working to help get a stable government in Somalia which could lead to the end of piracy as it is at present. It was interesting the poll that just came out that the group that supported torture the most was, the group that attend church on Sunday morning regularly. As someone who attends Sunday worship regularly I wonder about this. Do these people that feel this way attend with closed minds, closed hearts, closed Bibles or all three. It is interesting that those neo-cons that have nearly destroyed the country from within are now doing it to the Republican party. We really need a viable second party, however if they keep it up they will become a small regional party located in Mississippi and Texas and not very strong there. I really expected Sen. Specter to be defeated in the primary and the person defeating him to lose in the general election. His changing parties may prevent that from happening. I do expect that the Democratic party will pick up one or two seats in the Senate as the so-called Club For Growth continues to attack any Republican that isn't extreme and this will get them defeated.

Jesse Nix