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Open Forum: Oberstar brought home the bacon

In the 8th Congressional District of Minnesota, there has been so much good work done or influenced by Jim Oberstar that it is a job just to record.

You cannot travel on a road, cross a bridge, ride a snowmobile, bike or hike on a trail that Jim didn't have a hand in. His work has created business of all sorts not the least being resorts and restaurants. The Boundary Waters Canoe waters and Voyagers Park are world known.

He worked to give us quality health care facilities and bring improved medical practice to the area. You cannot fly in or out of the area without Jim's involvement in the airports and their expansions and improvements.

His efforts and time promoting the people, jobs and products of the Iron Range are unmatched. The beautiful city and harbor of Duluth has his signature of excellence everywhere.

Because of his efforts and determination many families have made a living with many thousands of paychecks being earned. The brutal recession had created another challenge to test his skill to find jobs and bring home the bacon.

Jim, you have left a legendary legacy of good and a big, big pair of shoes to fill. It will be very difficult for anyone to produce like you did. If a person is measured by what they do for others you are in that elite group. Thank you.

We need a lot of good luck wished to your successor.

John and Marlys Orr