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Open Forum: George W. Bush's high point

George Bush has had a high point in his presidency. He managed a transition to retirement that was smooth and he assisted Mr. Obama in the transition better than most presidents have in the past. He has been collegial, open and helpful. He also has given better speeches. His speech writers have learned to use shorter words and the president has learned to pronounce them.

Then there was the court case in which Eli Lily was fined more than any drug company had been fined, in a criminal case, for pushing a drug. The fine wasn't equal to their last quarter's earnings on the drug and no one went to jail. If some kid in the ghetto sold the same type of product in the same way, it would have been life in prison. Executives at major corporations skate, no jail, the corporation pays the fine, they get their bonuses and they look for another drug that they can market the same way for another bonus. The court system is corrupt. Many of these judges need to be impeached.

Then there was the letter to the editor that tried to give the impression that only Republicans go to church regularly; therefore, they contribute more to charity than Democrats. Most Democrats I know go to church regularly and they contribute to charity. I presume most Christians recognize the direction in the Bible to tithe although most are not very good at it, I am afraid, judging by evidence that churches are struggling to stay afloat. Also for that person's edification, nearly all religions have a directive to their believers that they should do charitable work and give to charities. The possible exception is Hinduism. I really am not knowledgeable enough to include that particular religion.

Jesse Nix