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Open Forum: Less cooperation with progressives

Some senior citizens believe that ObamaCare will give them an average of $553 in additional benefits. However, lots of seniors would forego extra coverage to help to fix the economy.

Are bailouts necessary in the "short-run" for bankrupt countries in Europe or California? Bailouts always include strings. Accepting these bailouts, European countries are trading away their sovereignty to the European Union. And, any U.S. state accepting a bailout will have to accept more control from the Federal government. These countries and U.S. states have been living beyond their means, and making unfulfillable promises to their people, for too long. They need a dose of responsibility, not a bailout. Tough love.

"It's touching that conservative U.S. senators have nothing better to do than worry about the Federal Reserve Board doing Quantitative Easing." It's touching that anyone would pay any attention to the printing of $600 billion. And, it's touching that anyone would care that the flooding of the country with so much more unbacked currency could trigger run-away inflation that would destroy the American economy.

The Disclose Act is an honest-to-goodness Trojan Horse. Its stated purpose is to make all political contributions public. Who could be against that? But, what's hiding inside? The ways it tries to achieve transparency. First, the act includes a list of exempted special interests. Second, the data requirements are so time-consuming and expensive that most small political organizations won't be able to afford to comply, and will be forced to close. Was the hidden purpose of the Disclose Act to silence voices speaking out against the status quo?

Building high speed rail reminds me of building the Great Wall of China. It was exorbitantly expensive and ultimately useless.

We need less cooperation with, and less respect for, progressives who think that total government control is "progress."

Bill Maxfield                                                                                      Aitkin