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BHS yearbook adviser on paid leave

Remember those who work

As this holiday season comes upon us I would like everyone to take time at Christmas to think about the people who find that holiday, just another work day. We spend a lot of time in this country honoring our men and women in the armed forces, as well we should, but often forgotten in the shuffle are our everyday heroes who have dedicated their entire working lives to keeping us safe and sound. God forbid you should need them during the holidays, but if you do. Rest assured they would be there for you.

If you were to go outside of your house on that night/day you would find police officers and deputies patrolling the streets. They too have families and loved ones that need them at Christmas, but they know they have a duty to serve and protect the public and that comes first. If your house catches on fire, or if you have a medical emergency, you will get the help you need like any other time but the responder's families will have to wait for them. Go by any hospital and the lights will be on and the patients will be receiving care. If it snows our streets and highways will be maintained. If the power or gas is interrupted, it will be restored as soon as possible.

There are countless others, too many to mention, who can't just punch the clock and go home for the holidays. They have to be where they are needed the most. Yes, there are soldiers around the world who can't be home for Christmas, but there are others who live right next door, who can't be home either. Let them know you're thinking of them and Merry Christmas.

Mike Holst