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Open forum: Buy American products

I strongly agree with the writer several days ago stating that we need the global economy like we need a hole in the head. The global economy has done nothing but take wealth away from our country and put millions of Americans out of work. The current U.S. trade deficit due to the global economy is approximately 500 billion dollars annually which is equal to that much wealth leaving the country each year. Only Lou Dobbs and Donald Trump have enough guts to truthfully state on national TV that the only way to get our economy back is to get our jobs back from overseas. Keeping the Bush tax cuts in force isn't going to get our economy back as we've had the Bush tax cuts in force for 10 years, so where are the jobs? Agreed however if we don't keep the Bush tax cuts in force the economy will certainly get worse. One way to cut the trade deficit and create jobs is to maximize oil drilling in this country especially in oil rich Alaska and to go to clean coal electric energy generation to stop the wealth drain to Saudi Arabia. Obama and the Democrat liberal environmentalists need to get out of the way which is curtailing this. Another way is to boycott the unfair trade into our country and buy only made in America products. If the products are not made here then the boycott will be an incentive for American companies to start making the products here. Thomas Jefferson advocated a strong within country economy as our best weapon and our greatest danger was when our rulers loaded us with perpetual debt.

Wayne Seale