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Open forum: Wasteful spending

The writer from Fort Ripley is right about wasted spending and it is the subsidizing of ethanol from the corn seed to the pump.

It has been proven by its use and study that the product uses more energy to produce than what it provides.

Ethanol blends reduce gas mileage and horsepower by 12 to 20 percent. It works against miles per gallon mandates. Producing requires huge amounts of water and can actually do harm to the water supply. It has been shown it does not help to clean the air, but may actually be polluting it. These things are verified by a number of tech institutes like MIT.

Ethanol will kill small engines like chain saws, outboard motors, snowmobiles, etc. It gunks up carburetors and burns holes in pistons. It is called a mechanics "best friend."

Consider that it has raised the price of feed for farmers in the dairy cattle, cattle, hog and poultry business. It put some out of business. The higher production costs are passed to you at the market.

When you talk about cuts and waste, why not cut something we don't need?

We know that the waste here is north of ten billion dollars.

You got the guts to ask your representative to vote against the welfare check for ethanol?

John Orr