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Open Forum: Flawed Pequot Lakes school planning

The Pequot Lakes School Board and administration are being very disrespectful of the residents who spend a few months in the winter down south. Many of these people are large taxpayers. The board decision to sneak the bonding vote through while the "heavyweight" taxpayers are absent is at best very disrespectful and more likely boarding on criminality.

All we have heard so far are wants with almost no facts on needs. For example: How many students are from outside the Pequot School District? The costs of construction have never been broken down in elements for the voters. In my business experience this is called bucket accounting. Has anyone looked at filling the dome at Eagle View with a second floor. It would make a beautiful science or computer lab with a view through the massive windows. It would also improve the heating efficiency at less cost than new mortar.

What is the next 10 years projection for student population? The administration has never even given us the present student count but I am certain it is far below the projection to justify the original Eagle View building project. The whole thing reminds me of "seat of the pants" planning.

The school board should postpone the vote until the board has presented all the facts and our residents have returned from the South.

Robert Olson

Ideal Township