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The latest deal

The latest deal that the president and the Republicans made — probably the part that upset me the most was the part where they blocked the $250 that was proposed for those that were on Social Security. We have citizens that exist, on $500 Social Security. They insisted that those that who make more than that in half a day needed a tax break, as well as those that make more than that in less than an hour. If they wanted to compromise I could see not giving to those that receive more than $1,000 a month or those that make more than $1,000 a month more than their Social Security. Either of these would leave me out so it isn’t me wanting more but those on the bottom need help. The fantasy, that the group that make $250,000 are really small business owners. Well some of them are small consulting firms which bill $150 to $250 an hour and other small businesses like that; Most small businesses that would be affected would incorporate, and spread the tax liability around. If they aren’t smart enough to figure out how then they should be smart enough to hire someone who can or they aren’t smart enough to deserve close to that amount. Those that insisted on these breaks for the rich must have to get awfully drunk to look in the mirror in the morning. 

As for the lady that was upset with Congressman Oberstar’s bringing improvements to this area, park your car and stay off the roads that he brought funds for to this area. In fact, just quit using all the infrastructure that we have as Jim Oberstar is to thank for most of the funds for infrastructure in this area in fact for most of it in the state. 

Most welfare in this country is corporate welfare to take care of the ultra-rich. 

Jesse Nix 


Becca Clemens
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