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Open Forum: Limiting our housing options

I have been a Brainerd resident for almost 30 years. During that time, I have seen many businesses come and go as well as friends leaving town. I was concerned when I read the story regarding the possible new zoning ordinance which would only allow single family homes in designated neighborhoods. If this were to pass, many housing options would be closed to students of CLC as well as young people looking to work here. As much as a person would love to buy and own a home, for most, this is not financially possible, especially in these economic times.

Too many people must rent now. If they could afford to buy a home, they would. This also would be a financial hardship for many elderly people I know who rent out apartments in their homes in order to make ends meet. Of the people I know who do rent out portions of their home/apartments in the proposed area, the vast majority of their rentals come from CLC students and the rest are young people with children who cannot afford a home. Finally, I am also wondering how this zoning would affect group homes. It would be very unfortunate to further restrict where group homes can reside in Brainerd. Given the sharp increase in young adults with disabilities, I fear this ordinance would limit their housing options as well. I would like Brainerd to remain a friendly place where young families can get a head start in life. If not, they will move on to live somewhere else, denying Brainerd and its citizens the chance to grow new businesses and new communities.

Laura Busch