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Open Forum: Thanks to Ward and Koering

Often at Christmas, our thoughts and hearts turn to those less fortunate than ourselves. At Lutheran Social Service, we care for people with cognitive disabilities who are unable to care for themselves.

Recently, the staff at LSS provided a Christmas Coffee and Cookie open house to say thank you to the elected officials of our district for their past support and hard work in preventing funding cuts vital to the lives of the individuals we serve. Rep. John Ward and Sen. Paul Koering attended the function, which was held at one of the LSS homes. Several individuals and staff joined the celebration. The two men were able to witness the love and compassion that is shown the people in the homes. The gentlemen contrasted the warm, homey atmosphere our individuals would not survive. LSS operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet each person's medical, physical and emotional needs on a bare bones budget. We want those we serve to have their needs met and to live full lives with dignity. We do not want to consider what life for our individuals would be live if their funding was further cut. We have heard it said that a nation's health is shown by its care for its most humble citizens. As this new government session begins, we ask the incoming officials to please vote against cutting funds which would affect the needed care for people with cognitive disabilities.

Our thanks goes to Rep. Ward and Sen. Koering for taking time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us.

Kathy Hoffman

Lutheran Social Service