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Open Forum:Tax cuts for 'Money Bags'

I ask in truth, would paying fair taxes to a nation that made way for your vast wealth scathe your net worth? Your taxes paid fairly could help this nation move forward profoundly in economic healing.

No other time in America's history have many owned nothing while so few harbor most all her profits and resources. Surely the irony of granting you tax cuts is a paradox even you cannot deny. Yes, I too laughed, tricky old "Money Bags!"

Political schemes aside, may I offer some insight learned from hindsight?

We the people know you are intimately fond of your wealth and power. We know you believe yourself to be beyond the reproach of fellow citizenry. Hence, tax cuts.

But, for all your wealth and lofty stature, we the people treasure more so our freedoms. Thus, when your self-serving greed encroaches upon our freedoms to work, live and care for one another alike in true democratic fashion, then we the people will dismantle piece by piece your very, petty "empire." "Money Bags," please every U.S. citizen could be a "job-maker" with a fraction of your wealth under their belt. You are not a "job-maker;" you are a squatter on government resources, a swindler of fair pay and trade, and when your lips move it's a lie. Your friends, the banks, showed us all your tricks. We the people are tired of you spending our tax dollars and hoarding profits even as this nation's economy shudders. You are an embarrassment to America's long-standing reputation of generosity here and abroad. Grow up, pay your taxes and contribute your ill-gotten gains to the U.S. Department of Public Debt Reduction. You are a Scrooge without conscience. Shame on you for being so selfish in our time of need.

Gloria Flor