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Open Forum: A glimmer of hope at St. Joe's

My wife and I spend a considerable amount of time on the fifth floor of St Joe's these days, where she is receiving treatment for cancer. Long hours just sitting and watching those drips from the chemo bags. As pensive as that thought is, that isn't what I am writing about. It just brings me to this.

They have this tradition at the hospital, whenever a baby is born, to play chimes over the P.A. system in a musical rendition of the Happy Birthday sound. It is especially poignant for those on the oncology floor that are dealing with end of life issues, to know a new life is just starting, somewhere in that facility. It kind of takes the edge off of our troubles. The birth of a baby has always been to me a joyous occasion. It's a start of a new life and hopefully a life that will do a better job then we did taking care of our country.

Then you think of the impossible task we have forced upon them and the luster of that new life suddenly gets grimmer. I remember when our children were born and how happy we were to bring them into a world where they had so much hope and opportunity for a good life, but they became enablers just like us and look where we are today.

There is always a glimmer of hope that the new generation will say enough and not follow our example, but recognize the problems that exist and correct them. My gut says it's a long shot. To the new baby born the other day at St. Joe's. Happy birthday little one, and sorry for the mess.

Mike Holst