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Open Forum: Minorities eclipse the majorities

Where in the Constitution does it specifically address gay rights? Over the course of years, homosexual proponents have introduced into Congress increasingly powerful lobbies promoting their lifestyle with the support of the ACLU and atheist, billionaire George Soros, who in my opinion wants to completely eradicate God from our country! I have been told in no uncertain terms that I am a native old woman with outdated views whereas, in today's modern society many accept homosexuality without question. Well, you can love the sinner but you sure don't have to love the sin besides, we are to repent of our sins, not boast about them! According to some, there is no such thing as sin! Even a number of Bishops and pastors in mainline churches have turned their backs on God's word rather then offend homosexuals and are twisting the Scriptures to prove their point! What next? Same-sex marriage becoming the law of the land with no opposition allowed? If you are offended by my views, so be it for I am offended by a minority who like (Obama care) have shoved their demands down our throats, invading every niche of our lives including many public schools (where God is not allowed) churches and now the military with the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell!" Gays have probably served in our military since its founding. I have no problem with that but why should their lifestyle pre-empt the lives of everyone else? Discrimination? We all have been discriminated against at one time or another. Sex became the God Ancient Rome worshipped and Rome was destroyed! Are we on the same collision course? You can go along with the crowd approving Gay rights but I still have the freedom to disagree! But for how long?

Dolores Zaske

Pine River