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Open Forum: Timing is important

Before I get into my main subject, God's fireman, Jesus, I must deviate about the deviant.

Satan and terrorists know that timing is as essential as the act itself. Sept. 11 was a win for those terrorists in setting a day aside to consider their "day of infamy." Imagine if they'd done the attack on July 4? For Satan to poke God in the eye just before we celebrate his son's birth is a real victory! That's what happened on "Don't ask, don't tell's" repeal. It handcuffs the service's chaplains. They can't preach the whole Bible now, puts uncertainty in the service and puts, or leaves, God out to bless our service men and women as full as before. The only positive is that besides Israel, ours is about the only other Armed Service to get His blessing.

Edmund Ross' vote kept President Andrew Johnson from being impeached. Because he defied his party in doing so, as he voted he said he saw his open grave before him. America has an open grave, abortion, 50 million as of July, euthanasia, the flood of porn from our movies, television and online, and now the repeal, our grave just got a little deeper and wider.

We really need the "Light of the World" in these dark and seemingly hopeless days. Jesus is also called Immanuel, meaning "God is with us" and he still is. Call upon his name and find out for yourself.

If Jesus says, "No one comes to the Father except through me," meaning heaven, so Jesus, like a fireman, can keep you and "save" you from burning in hell, where, "Stop, drop and roll" doesn't work!

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and 2010 and will have a blessed 2011! In the name of our greatest gift, Jesus! Amen.

Stephen L. Heinecke