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Open Forum: Surviving in America

So how do we survive in this time of decline?

The great bait and switch is going on. The bait was financial security, democracy and government protection for the ordinary citizens. The switch is that, now that we need them, these things are being taken from us.

We have been bamboozled into allowing all the money needed to fund these promises to be placed in the hands of the 2 percent on the top, and now they are acting like it is rightfully theirs and won't give it back. In fact they are manipulating even the meager resources that are left out of our control and into theirs. And, we are left with a shredded democracy, secrecy, Big Brother kind of surveillance and no real way to improve our lot.

This was the scam. Work hard when there are no jobs and falling real wages. Give our extra money to the financial gurus who put it into their pockets and who just gambled it all away and ran us off the economic tracks. Buy real estate when the game is fixed for us to lose. Count on the promises that were made to keep wages down and workers in line for decades only to find that they had no real intention of keeping their end of the bargain.

We end up with few resources and cuts in governmental programs that helped us survive. Prices go up while the financial gurus follow a course, which will lead inevitably to inflation. Take it from the workers, the poor, the elderly and those with little financial pull ... in other words, anyone but the rich and powerful.

We are here to be exploited while we have any resources and expendable when we do not ... just practicing good capitalism, I guess ... certainly not good democracy.

Bob Passi