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Open Forum: Merrifield Marathons respond to Vox Pop

The Merrifield Marathons would like to respond to the mail box issue in the Vox Pop section of Saturdays Paper.

 The Merrifield Marathons groomer driver was aware that he hit the mailbox. At the time of the incident, he stopped and picked up the mail. He then contacted the nearest property which was the cabinet shop. Someone at the cabinet shop told him that the mailbox owner lived behind the shop but was not home at the time.

 The mail box was temporarily repaired by noon the next day and shortly thereafter replaced with a new box complete with lettering. This work took place prior to our becoming aware of the Vox Pop article in the paper and was not in response to it.

 We believe the person who commented on Vox Pop was very quick to criticize the Marathons, and may not have been aware of our response to the problem. The person who was driving the groomer that day is very experienced, conscientious, and courteous. He did everything he could to rectify the situation in a timely manner and we are very proud to have him as a long standing member of our club.

 In addition to maintaining approximately 50 miles of our local snowmobile trail system, our club contributes regularly to various local charities and provides scholarships to Brainerd and Crosby-Ironton High School graduates. Anyone wishing to visit with us is welcome to attend our monthly meetings, which are open to the public and held on the third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at our clubhouse just south of Merrifield on the west side of County Road 3. We are always welcoming new members and our roster includes many who are non-snowmobilers that participate for the sake of fellowship and service to the community.

Mike Rude

President, Merrifield Marathons