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Open forum: Show up and vote yes!

We in the Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point, Crosslake school district have a problem and an opportunity many of our neighboring communities would beg for. Our schools are attracting so many children that we don't have space for them all. A community with good schools is a huge draw for incoming residents and the business opportunities they bring with them. The fact that the Pequot School District has a reputation for good quality education has been and will be the main factor in bringing back housing demand and economic growth to this area.

Our problem is that we cannot fit all these wonderful new learners into our existing buildings, and that needed upgrades to our existing buildings have been postponed, to save money, until they are no longer safe or adequate.

The obvious solution is the one our elected school board, after over a year of thoughtful discussion and painstaking work, has recommended to us. On Feb. 8, we can join them in approving the means to finance a much needed construction project that will expand the available space in the elementary building, take care of necessary maintenance and space needs in the Secondary and Middle school building, and improve the outdoor spaces.

 Interest rates are at an all-time low. Construction costs projections are lower than ever. We can create our own mini-boost to employment in our own towns. And the cost to us is so small, most of us will not even notice it on our tax bills. My own tax increase (on a $250,000 valued agricultural homestead) will be less than the cost of one fancy coffee a month ($3.67).

This is something we have control over. All we have to do is show up on Feb 8 and vote yes!

Meg Bye

Pequot Lakes