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Open forum: Nominate a child care provider

I recently read a poem that made me smile. The original author is listed as unknown.

Ode to Child Care

Little children come to me for hugs and books and such,

I care for all their simple needs and I also fix them lunch,

I pick up toys, mop up spills and often dry their tears,

I change their diapers, settle fights, and kiss away their tears,

I tie their shoes, button coats and push them on the swing,

I really love these kids, you see, but there is just one more thing,

Call me Mom, or Aunt or Donna, those names might fit,

But please don't call me sitter, because I never get to sit!

There are approximately 147 licensed child care providers in Crow Wing County and many do much more for children than is mentioned in the poem. Please recognize your child care provider by nominating him or her for the 2011 Child Care Provider of the Year before the Jan. 25, 2011 deadline. The nomination form is found on the Crow Wing County website.

Thank you from Crow Wing County providers.

Katherine Stevens

Crow Wing County Licensed Family Child Care Provider Association president