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Open forum: Wealth moves around

One of the things that grates a little is when I hear the line "only the private sector creates wealth not the government." All wealth is created and has been here since the beginning it is not created by a business model or a type of government. It is moved around from one person or group of persons to another but it isn't created except by God. When it slows its movement the economy goes into a recession when it stops the economy goes into a depression, when it speeds up to much we have runaway inflation but the wealth stays the same.

Another is the way Christians rationalize their support of free market capitalism I understand atheist and economist Ayn Rand's support and promotion of it, as Rand objected to any interference with greed. The main tenet of free market capitalism is the promotion and exploitation of greed, the Bible has several references to greed. One that nearly everyone knows is the commandment thou shalt not covet. Others are thou shall have no other Gods before me, and the love of money is the root of all evil. There are many others but the rationalizing of these into capitalism as the only acceptable economic model is hard to understand. Well, maybe not, there is a lot of evil around and everyone seems to have their own favorite sin.

I favor some type of hybrid type of economic model which combines the better parts of other models free market capitalism which looks very good in a laboratory setting with rigid controls is very destructive in the real world. Socialism has some of the same drawbacks. Many experiments are performed that reach wonderful results that come out very different when conditions change or when the person conducting them change employer.

Jesse Nix