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Open Forum: Retiree supports referendum

I am a retiree who has lived in this school district for 10 years. I support the (Pequot Lakes) School District's referendum. 

You might ask why a retiree who has no children or grandchildren of school age would support the additional tax associated with this effort. In my retirement I have gotten involved with a variety of community service efforts. I have gained a good insight of the operations of the school through working as a substitute and other volunteer projects and committees. This has given me a sense of the caliber of individuals that we as citizens have hired or elected to run this school district. From my perspective we have a talented and dedicated group of individuals who are trying to send our students on with a better than average chance to be successful. 

I might not agree with all the decisions of the district but believe that we need to remove the many obstacles that they now face in the performance of their jobs. 

Please study the issues and cast your vote on Feb. 8

Ray Niemann

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