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Open Forum:They want Minnesota to fail

Dayton and Ward know, as does every socialist, that “soaking the rich” has nothing to do with balancing the budget. It’s punishment. They can’t let anyone become too successful. Successful people don’t need a managed economy. Socialists have to punish, and stifle success. That’s what happened to “the American Dream.”

Dayton and Ward wish to preside over the decline and failure of Minnesota. While they make speeches about how much they care, they know that their policies will destroy jobs, and bust the budget. For Republicans to compromise with them, would result in Minnesota declining and failing slower.

Some people, like the AP, believe Obama when he says he wants to ”simplify confusing provisions in the tax code, and encourage savings.” The more confusing the tax code, the more money tax lawyers make; and, more political contributions tax lawyers give to Democrats. The more people save, the more money available for legitimate loans; and, the less control liberals have over the economy.

Aitkin County will receive a grant from the Transportation Economic Development Pilot Project for infrastructure improvement. This is only to help one business. If TED is supposed to create jobs and encourage economic development, how many jobs were lost when the state taxed the money from Minnesotans? This is an example of the government picking the winners in the marketplace.

What “certain restrictions on businesses may always be needed?” Businesses need government to protect them, and their customers, from fraud and breach of contract. Anything else the government does, in the economy, prevents customers from making their own decisions about which companies they will do business with.

Howes said, “I don’t mind raising fees as long as we don’t get nuts about it.” Howes, and his liberal friends, already went nuts, when they decided that fees weren’t taxes.

Bill Maxfield