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Open Forum: Opinions sought on beer sales at fair

In the necessary effort to raise revenue, the Crow Wing County Fair Board has proceeded to allow the sale of beer at the 2011 fair.

The Oak Lawn Township Board of Supervisors will address this issue at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 1, at the Town Hall just east of the former state hospital on Highway 18. Approval by the Township Board is necessary in order to have this beer garden.

Your input is encouraged regarding the sale of beer at such a family oriented event. It is very important you attend this meeting and voice your opinion.

Mary Lou Cody

Lorna Hensch

MADD Crow Wing County

A thank you to Brainerd police

I would like to direct this letter to the men and women of the Brainerd Police Department. I would like to start by saying thank you. Thank you for doing a job that all too often is not appreciated. A vital job that is overlooked or dismissed until someone needs you. A job where politicians praise you in public, while trying to eliminate you behind closed doors. A job where people are happy to know you are around, unless that around places you behind them while they are driving. I would like to thank you for choosing to be a protector and servant of the public while having to put up with all the garbage that goes along with that choice.

I would also like to apologize for personally contributing to the garbage that you have had to put with. For years I have had numerous run-ins with the Brainerd Police Department. You were just doing your job, but I was never able to see it that way. Then on Oct. 29, 2010, I made a crank phone call to your office. Of all the issues that we have had through the years this one left me feeling wrong. My phone call was an unwarranted personal attack on your dispatcher and on your officers. I said things that were crude, cruel and completely uncalled for. You did nothing to deserve my comments and I wish that I could take them all back. It is for that reason that I have chosen to make a public apology for my actions, and to sign my name to that apology, so that everyone will know what I did. I am sorry, and I hope that this will be the last run in that we have.

Jason N. Thompson