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Open Forum: Labeled as greedy geezers

I find it hypocritical that Alan Simpson; can label seniors as greedy geezers, when it comes to Social Security wants and needs. This is coming from a man who has lived a long time on the public dole and is enjoying a fat taxpayer paid pension for his years in Congress, helping spend Social Security funds on God knows what. The reason Social Security is in trouble isn’t the fault of the people who paid into it and expect something back. It’s in trouble because our out of control spending legislators, years ago decided to use Social Security as another revenue stream for the government. The government owes Social Security two and a half trillion dollars and all we have is some worthless IOUs to show for it. 

Here’s a thought. Let’s let the government pony up and pay their bill to Social Security, into a dedicated interest-bearing fund for Social Security and Medicare and when that’s gone then we will talk about what to do.

I do applaud Bowles and Simpson for their work on the commission to try and find ways to pay off the national debt. But I think they knew before they started no one in Washington was going to pay any attention to their findings anyway. Partly because Congress doesn’t have to and doesn’t want to, but mostly because it’s political suicide to cut programs or raise taxes and their popularity does come first and the good of the people comes last. Before we can tackle the problems before us, we have to change the way Washington thinks, but not in the hateful rhetoric that comes from statements like Sen. Simpsons just gave us.

 Mike Holst