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Open forum:Time for the referendum is now

There is an upcoming vote on the Pequot Lakes capital bond referendum on Feb. 8. Some people are wondering why the vote is being held now. If the vote were pushed back and not held now, the part of the construction that is scheduled to be completed by the school year that starts in the fall of 2012 would not be completed in time for the start of that school year. So then the construction would have to be pushed back another entire school year. The school district’s goal is to have the additions to the elementary school and the addition of the fifth grade area onto the middle school completed by the fall of 2012 if the referendum passes. The facilities issues the schools are facing have caused the quality of education to decline, and it will continue to decline until the situation is fixed. Those facilities issues include lack of space at the elementary school and disrepair at the high school and middle school building.

Another reason to pass the referendum now is that interest rates are very low. And interest rates are only projected to rise and rise for years to come.  If we wait on the proposed building and renovation project until interest rates have risen just 1 percent, the exact same project would cost more than an additional $5 million over what is currently being requested under the capital bond referendum.

The time for action is now. Please find out the facts about what is going on in our schools and then vote on Feb. 8.

Brandon Pederson