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Open Forum: Not enough room at school

Having moved to the area eight years ago, I was very excited about the opportunity and growth that Pequot Lakes had to offer. Now, as I prepare my daughter for kindergarten this fall, I am very concerned about the issues the district faces due to the same growth that moved our family to the area. With an estimated 130 kindergarteners this fall, there simply is not enough room. Last fall, a computer lab was converted into a classroom to accommodate the current kindergarten class. As a parent, I feel such a concession is unacceptable. This is just one of the many “shifts” of educational spaces that is impacting our kids' education. It is unfortunate that the original bond referendum, over 10 years ago, for a six section Eagle View school was not approved, but we need to act now! Eagle View along with the high school/middle school is in need of not only more space, but upgrades and renovations to deal with the aging building on the main campus to meet the educational needs of our students. Please get informed before the vote, and I hope you will vote yes on Feb. 8.

Kristin Larsen

Pequot Lakes