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Open Forum: Gov. Dayton is a socialist

Dayton is a socialist who wants to destroy Minnesota. But, he has agreed to sign the Republican plan to streamline the state’s business permitting process. He even issued an executive order to that effect. 

Dayton’s executive order will still be in effect after the Republican plan is law. This executive order is his only chance to sneak in his job-killing and citizen impoverishing intentions. There happens to be a paragraph in Dayton’s executive order that, amid all the praise for Dayton’s bipartisanship, the media doesn’t mention:

“The Commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency shall include, in any statement or need and reasonableness for rules to adopt air quality or hazardous waste or water quality standards, an analysis of proposed standards that are more stringent than similar federal standards including justification for why the standards are needed to protect public health and the environment.”

The Republican plan should nullify this paragraph of Dayton’s executive order.

Communists did not give up with the fall of the Soviet Union. They found a wedge to wreck America: Environmentalism. The more stringent, the more ruinous. Green is the new red. 

Tis the time of the decade when young, and old, politicians’ fancies turn to redistricting. Our legislators are tickled pink to get to redraw the boundaries of Minnesota’s congressional, state Senate and state House districts. When the Democrats are in charge, they gerrymander the boundaries to give themselves more representatives. And, when the Republicans are in charge, they gerrymander the boundaries to give themselves more representatives. We could make this process fairer with a state constitutional amendment requiring district shapes to look more like boxes, and less like snakes. The DFL thinks that the U.S. Constitution says that the federal government can tell a state how to redistrict; but, only when they’re not in charge.

Bill Maxfield