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Open Forum: Kudos for health care repeal

Someone said, “Progressives face the problems of disproportionment of wealth, taxation, health care and job hiring.” But, progressives have the solution: forced redistribution. Wouldn’t it be better if we were proud of, and tried to emulate, people who have earned their wealth? If we let U.S. progressives take most wealth away, who can blame businesses for moving out of Minnesota, or even overseas? Let’s make this a business welcoming state and country, so they can come home again.

If our health care system, the one ObamaCare is replacing, seems bureaucratic, just wait till you have to deal with ObamaCare. Google “ObamaCare chart.” Kudos to Congressional Republicans for passing a repeal of ObamaCare. They, also, promised to replace it. The Republicans should realize that we didn’t send them to Washington to just replace ObamaCare with a different set of federal regulations. Don’t mess with the best health care system in the world.

Some people think that slot machine restrictions and smoking bans cost the state some tax revenue. The state never had a right to that money, in the first place, because gambling and smoking are none of the state’s business. Politicians should balance the state budget by admitting that they promised more than they could afford. Anyone who thinks that the truly needy will be hurt by cuts should contribute to a charity that helps that section.

City governments spend their time on the wrong things. It is none of a city’s business who sells liquor. And, it certainly isn’t a city’s job to sell liquor itself, as does Aitkin. The only duty government has concerning liquor is to hold perpetrators fully responsible for their crimes, even when under the influence. For example, a driver that kills someone with their car should be charged with negligent homicide, instead of vehicular manslaughter.

Bill Maxfield