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Open Forum: A good question to ponder

As we approach another anniversary of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, I thought it might be appropriate to share a quote from a recent book by columnist George Will. Mr. Will is a true “wordsmith”, and his latest production “With A Happy Eye, but ... ”  is well worth the read. On page 11, I found this thought provoking observation:

“On the astonishingly prolific day of February 12, 1809, the day Lincoln was born, so was Charles Darwin. Darwin came to argue that the human race is continuous with the primordial slime from which it emerged.

“This was said to make it difficult to believe in God — until thoughtful people asked this: What is more difficult to believe, that there is something providential in the human story, or that primordial slime evolved randomly into the author of Hamlet?”

Good question to ponder!

Dwight Johnson