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Open Forum: Thanks to the Pequot Lakes community

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to every single one of the 1,352 people who voted in favor of the Pequot Lakes School District’s capital bond referendum on Feb. 8! Every single one of you has made a difference in the lives of thousands of children.

Our children are our greatest treasures, and they need us to make choices for them that will be in their best interest to provide them with the brightest future possible.  This capital bond referendum will provide them with better school facilities which will help to provide them with a better education that will impact them throughout their entire lives.

The strength of the school district is directly correlated with the strength of our community, and our community has pulled together to support our schools and help build our community.

I’m so very happy to live in a community that values children and their education!

Thank you!

Kathy Gilchrist

Pequot Lakes

Leave Huck Finn alone

I read the other day where some man out east is, rewriting, “The Adventures Of Huck Finn” by Mark Twain. His argument seems to be with the use of the derogatory N word when talking about slaves in the book. I want to state that neither I, nor anyone else with a sense of decency, uses that word anymore. But it was used commonplace in Mark Twain’s day.  

This got me to thinking, because it seems, at least in my mind as a writer, that no person has the right to rewrite Mark Twain’s words anymore than you would rewrite Shakespeare’s words. This fever of political correctness in our society today is run amok and is so hypocritical and is being done by people to only draw self-righteous attention to themselves. How can you strike that word from Twain’s writings and yet allow all of the smut and indecent things that are published in magazines and books today? If you ask them people will say, “That is my right under the first amendment.” Well it was Mark Twain’s right too and he lived and wrote under those same guidelines, in a far different world and time. 

There is and always has been a lot of permissiveness in writing in this nation. It’s part of our Constitution and our way of life. On the other hand you have the right to not read the book or not listen to the radio or television, if you disagree with the contents. You don’t have the right to change someone else’s words. To this man rewriting this book I would say, “Write your own book and leave Twain’s alone.”

Mike Holst


Lower the males’ salaries

Current talk to restrict the salaries of female public service employees to market availability was one of today’s topics at our morning “Old Boy’s Coffee Gathering.” The seven or eight of us came to the following conclusion.

“Why not lower male public service employees to the same rate female public employees now receive; and save money for the state while equalizing the pay scale across the board?”

Floyd Griffith


An unfair election

In your Feb. 11  Our Opinion piece, you wondered why the vote to pass the referendum was different, than the vote to turn down the bond issue in June of last year? I think it was because the school board knew that a large percentage of their residents, left for warmer climates in the winter months. Snowbirds. I think it is very unfair of a school district to hold an election in winter months, so that all of the voters have a say in issue.

David Betland

Rural Brainerd