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Open Forum: Thanks to the Pequot voters

How wonderful it is to live in a community that chooses hope over despair!

In the coldest part of winter, you ventured out to say yes, we believe in our children, we believe in our community, and we are willing to bet on, and invest in, a hopeful view of our future.

Let us continue to be involved, and pay attention as the school building project moves forward, so that our voices of hope will be included in the actual construction and use of this facility.

The Pequot Lakes School Board has committed to the idea that the schools belong to, and are there for, the community. They will need our help and input to accomplish this goal.

For my grandchildren, and those who are coming, thank you to the community and parent volunteers who worked so hard to spread the message and to the school district staff and teachers who gave of their time to provide clear and factual information about this project. And thank you to the overwhelming number of district voters who chose hope.

Meg Bye

Pequot Lakes