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Open Forum: Global warming is for real

The most dangerous stage of global warming has begun. We’ve seen record breaking droughts, floods, storms, heat waves, extreme winters, mass extinction; Iowa sized icebergs, rapidly rising sea levels, fire, and famine in the past 10 years. The year 2010 was the hottest yet, and atmospheric CO2 is currently at a dangerously high 391 ppm (NOAA, Jan 2011). Now, perhaps the worst, the Amazon where most species live and 20 percent of breathable oxygen originates is seeing unprecedented, forest killing drought in 2005, and 2010, (National Geographic , 2010). Remember, 2,500 of the world’s greatest minds, (IPCC 1990, 92, 95, 01, 07) predicted these events with their advanced computer modeling.

Unfortunately, 13 of our newly elected U.S. Congress members state they don’t even believe in global warming. Thankfully, our president has set national mileage standards of 35 mpg by 2015, 62 mpg by 2025 and total energy consumption of 80 percent clean fuel by 2035, (2011). In addition, his policies for weatherizing homes, supporting electric car production and high speed central rail, as well as less fattening and more sustainable food on our tables, hit right at the heart of the problem, and provide effective solutions. Hopefully, his request , (January 2011) to end huge subsidies for oil companies and spend it on desperately needed weatherization of American business buildings will be passed by Congress too.

We would all do well to consult mechanics for broken cars, doctors for health problems, teachers for education, and Earth scientists for a broken planet. Let’s work together to heed the warnings, change lifestyles, and live better. 

Several developed nations are making great strides to combat climate change including most Americans. Many thanks to all who continue learning about climate problems/solutions, and improve our planet, and God bless President Obama.

Neal Lesmeister

Exploration geologist