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Open Forum: Will Americans take to the streets?

It was interesting watching the Oval office the last three weeks trying to put their spin on what was going on in Egypt. It seems strange that the man we always supported was losing our support — but cautiously, in case he did retain power. He seems to have been a rather ruthless leader but as long as we had him bought off and he promised to leave Israel alone he was our friend. Ah yes, as fickle as it seems we have our way of doing business don’t we? Egypt’s people saw through it. They publicly stated they didn’t care what we thought. We should butt out.

So now they have a government in transition and we sit and bite our nails and wait for the finished product. Will we be able to buy them off too, or not?

We hope it’s some form of a democratic government. I hope it’s not a carbon copy of ours. I hope it’s not a government controlled by lobbyists and special interest groups like ours. One not filled with social programs that will break the economic back of the country. I hope its not one controlled by two political parties that refuse to work together for the good of the people.

It was a relatively bloodless revolution. Done the way revolutions should be done. Someday-- and probably not that far away — our people will have their fill of our government in its present form. We saw some of it bubbling to the surface with the emergence of the Tea Party. It’s just the start. Will we be like Egypt and settle it peacefully? Or will we, in a country that is already filled with guns and violence, take to the streets in another fashion. Time will tell.

Mike Holst