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Open Forum: A question for Rep. Ward

In lieu of the Wisconsin protest and my desire to be provided with direct and forthright answers to direct questions of our elected officials, on Friday I sent a question to our Democratic state representative, John Ward, asking if he supports the tactics employed by Wisconsin Democratic senators fleeing the state to prevent a vote on the bill before the Wisconsin Senate, and whether he agrees with the teachers actions, shutting down schools for three days.

It seemed a reasonable question; a question, actually, that would be most appropriate for any cub reporter without an ax to grind to ask him.

His response? See for yourselves:

“As I am a Minnesota state legislator and we have many, many of our own state issues/problems, that is where I am focusing my energy.”

Thankfully, via the Brainerd Dispatch Open Forum, I have the opportunity to ask Rep. Ward the same question again. I will add these questions as well:

“What is so fundamentally different about the Wisconsin government being broke and the Minnesota government being broke? Do you think Minnesota government unions will act differently? Is your answer to me the same answer you would like to publicly give all of your constituents? Aren’t you glad nobody working for the local paper thinks of questions like these?”

Jeff Czeczok