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Open Forum: The U.S. should be making these lights

For the past several years we have all been encouraged to install the new, high-efficient light bulbs. Having made a gradual change, as incandescent lights burned out, in four years we have had an annual reduction of almost 1300 Genkw’s . The actual dollars saved is a little hard to calculate, as utility rates have increased.

The next step in the reduction of this nations Genkw’s usage is for the manufactures of light fixtures, which are made in China, to manufacture light fixtures compatible with the high-efficient light bulbs, which will be the norm in a couple of years. A recent purchases of a floor lamp would not permit the use of a high efficient three-way bulb, as the bulb would not fit between the non-adjustable lamp shade brackets. We returned the floor lamp. It is too bad that this nation does not have manufacturers that make items that meet the requirements of this nation.

Kent Rees