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Open forum: Oak Lawn Township

We’re voting for Heller

Oak Lawn Township residents, please vote on March 8, 10 a.m.-8 p.m., and attend the annual meeting. We are putting our vote behind Glenn Heller for supervisor. As supervisor he’ll listen to all township residents, respond to phone calls and e-mail, and work for the township.

Keith and Glow Bechard


Vote for Dan Peters

Vote Dan Peters for Oak Lawn Township supervisor. He has proven his leadership, common sense, accessibility and sound decision making. Fiscally responsible decisions unburden the township of a cemetery that has drained our budget of thousands of dollars, searched for less expensive ways of making our roads better, among others.

John and Rosella Murray


Re-elect Peters

Dan Peters has the knowledge and experience it takes to represent Oak Lawn Township. Dan Peters volunteered as road supervisor to stay up to date on township road conditions. Dan Peters listens and hears the concerns of all Oak Lawn residents. Re-elect Dan Peters, supervisor of Oak Lawn Township.

Cathy Abrahamson


Peters is fiscally conservative

Oak Lawn Township has an honest, forthright, and fiscally conservative supervisor in Dan Peters. Let's keep it that way and keep the positive changes ushered in by the  last Oak Lawn Township elections  by re - electing him to another term on March 8, 2011!

William Durham 

Rural Brainerd