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Open Forum: We are the safety net

Obama’s new budget promises $1.1 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years. This is $110 billion each year. Obama can, and probably will, submit next year’s budget with the claim, “Sure, it has a $6 trillion deficit, but I, originally, wanted $6.11 trillion. See, I saved the country $110 billion.” It’s great that Obama froze spending on many programs, but that was right after he gave big raises to all government programs, except the military.

Obama’s tough budget choices include increased spending to the teachers’ union, non-existent public works, studying our eating habits and research into fake science like “global warming.” While he cuts spending on defense, and discourages charitable contributions.

What Obama doesn’t know: We, the people, are the “safety net” for the poor,” not the government. The economy will not improve as long as he continues his socialist policies. Basing his budget on rosy predictions of recovery just make him look foolish, and waist money and time. 

What Dayton doesn’t know: Minnesotans want the budget deficit eliminated, even if it means higher property taxes. Counties and cities can handle decreases in state aid, without raising property taxes, by organizing people around local projects. A tax credit is not a cost to the state. Neither property owners, nor renters, have a right to state money just because they’re property owners or renters. Top income earners have as much right to their money as everyone else. Everyone should pay the same percentage in taxes, with no deductions or write-offs. And, that it’s none of Dayton’s business what counties and cities collect in property taxes. So, yes, he can lower the deficit. 

The only way liberals can imagine helping people is by controlling them “for their own good.” liberals won’t admit that welfare is just a way to control peoples’ lives.

Bill Maxfield