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Open forum: Where’s the mutual respect?

Rep. Betty McCollum recently offered an amendment to House File No. 1 which called for elimination of taxpayer funded military sponsorship of NASCAR enterprises. Amounts spent were $7.4 million for Roger Newman’s car (Army), $2 million for A.J. Allendinger (Air Force), and $32.8 million for Hendrick Motorsports/Dale Earnhardt (National Guard). If her amendment had passed it would have saved taxpayers over $42 million per year.

Minnesota’s Democratic representatives voted to cut NASCAR support. A strong Republican majority including Chip Cravaack and Minnesota’s Republican delegation rejected Rep. McCollum’s motion. (Source: Congressional Record)

Who are the fiscal conservatives on this matter? I suspect that this is an example of partisan out-of-hand rejection of any idea or proposal made by the other party. It certainly does not bode well for mutual respect for persons of the opposing caucus or serious consideration of proposals based on merit. It also does not offer citizens much hope for cooperation in the serious matter of budget control.

Roger Grussing