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Open Forum: Keep classes open on MLK Day

Recently, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and having classes in session or having a day off from school has been a topic of discussion. There’s no doubt that Martin Luther King Jr. could be a part of the curriculum on a day other than Martin Luther King Jr. Day. However, in our opinion, the impact of approximately 6,800 students within ISD 181 learning about this man on the day set aside in his honor is significant.

After hearing about our kids’ school day on that Monday, our thinking is reinforced that being in class on Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the best time and place to learn about him. Our kids attend two different schools within the district. The impact of both of our kids learning about him on the same day was great. Both came home with a clear understanding of who this man was, why he is honored and even how he died. Their learning on that day prompted wonderful discussion after school and into the evening that they both could participate in, since they each had information to add. If this curriculum was not on this day, and instead was taught at different times by different teachers, our family may have missed out on a really great discussion that everyone could take part in. We believe having classes in session and teaching students about Martin Luther King Jr. on Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a great way to honor him.

Janell Madison

East Gull Lake