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Open Forum: No compromise on zoning

An Open Letter to the Crow Wing County Board:

The proposed Land Services changes to current zoning standards are complex. However, you can simplify your decision to act on this at this time.  Consider the following questions:

1. Will these changes assist our building and real estate businesses in overcoming the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression era?

2. Will these changes enhance, improve or expand Crow Wing County property owners’ individual property rights and freedoms?

The proposed changes have been challenged by a number of businesses related to commercial and residential building, development and real estate, all of whom are struggling to stay alive in this terrible economic climate. The changes have also been challenged by a diverse group of individual citizens who see this as an ominous infringement on personal property rights. You are either for, or against economic growth. You are either for, or against individual property ownership rights. There is no compromise on these principles.

Tom Lund