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Open Forum: Sheen should join Fox News

I find it interesting all the media coverage of Charlie Sheen. 

He really contributes nothing to anything meaningful. 

 I feel sorry for him as he has a problem. Not an unusual one. I had a friend when I first retired, who has long passed he was in AA and worked very hard helping others he referred to the problem as a dry drunk and said that it was really worse than wet drunk as it left the individual with no excuse for their behavior. 

Chemicals often bring on bizarre behavior even after they are no longer in the system. 

The behavior of Sheen and Glenn Beck are rather similar. Sort of a manic depressive type of behavior. Many great people have suffered this type of problem they see things that ordinary people don’t. They have tremendous energy and work tirelessly for long periods if what they perceive or imagine they perceive is correct. They make great strides. If they are wrong they go down as mad men. 

One of Glenn Beck’s rants targets a 78-year-old widow who is a sociology professor. She and her late husband published an article about 45 years ago which upsets Glenn because he apparently can’t understand it. So his followers call and harass her and tell her they hope that cancer will soon get her and leave death threats. Really makes one proud to be an American. We have freedom of speech, no matter how heinous and he gets $23 million a year to harass defenseless old Ladies.

Charlie should get a job with Fox news then Fox could have two mad men juicing the news. 

Charlie could make nearly as much as he did with his acting and could entertain every day . 

Jesse Nix