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Open Forum: Any buyer’s remorse yet?

The events in Wisconsin should be a wake-up call to all working people that the Republican politicians they have elected are out to destroy the middle class with no regard for those who fall by the wayside. They are ignoring the great majority of people in Wisconsin who oppose the elimination of unions and collective bargaining in all forms. 

Given their way, they will see to it the only interests served in this county are the super-wealthy at the top who in actuality don’t really care about their middle class Republican voters either. After the super-rich on Wall Street nearly destroyed the middle class, and incidentally, there are probably no more than a handful or so people who live in this area that are not in the middle class, their bought-and-paid-for Republican yes men in Washington don’t even want to have any regulations that would prevent the same thing from happening again. 

They distract people from the real problems, the $756 billion in tax cuts for the very very few at the top, by trying to demonize public employees and try to make them to blame for the shortages all the states are facing right now. It is the money the wealthiest people are not paying that is causing the shortage in every one of the states. Now in Michigan the Republican governor and Legislature is currently passing a bill that will allow the governor to declare any municipality in financial trouble no longer a city and appoint his own person who will have authority to void all agreements and contracts made by the city or township. No more contracts for trash pickup, teachers, nurses police, firemen etc. More than you bargained for when you voted Republican? Any buyer’s remorse yet? Wait and watch.

Jim Grimes