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Open forum: The resilient Japanese

One of the things that is happening in Japan, as disaster after disaster unfolds, is the show of love and respect the Japanese people have for their country and each other. We see many pictures of them standing patiently, and peacefully, in long lines waiting for food, water, and medicine and the almost complete absence of looting. Contrast that with this country after Katrina and Haiti after their earthquake and you see what I am talking about.

What makes those wonderful people be so resilient and so respectful of their country and each other? What makes the people in this country behave like hoodlums under similar circumstances? The police in Japan are able to concentrate on helping people, not chase thieves, as the cops in New Orleans had to do. When ever trouble breaks out in this country the first reaction from the authorities is to bring in soldiers to keep law and order because they know what’s coming next. 

We tend to gloss over things like this when we talk about our country. We don’t want to talk about such behavior because it will tarnish our image as the world’s greatest democracy. The media however jumps on the chance to report it, but that is OK. We need to know how disgusting we are sometimes. 

To be fair there are millions of good people in this country but mostly their efforts are always over shadowed by the crooks and thieves? This country needs to take a hard look at its people and their greedy behavior. It needs to make laws to deter this kind of behavior, not protect it, as we do now.

Mike Holst