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Open Forum: Views on the proper role of government

 It’s none of the state’s business, and none of our business, whether someone wants to open a casino in competition to Grand Casino. It’s more beneficial for us, as a society, to know that we’re expected to exercise our own responsibility, than to know that our choices are controlled by “for-your-own-good” politicians or “don’t make me have to compete” snivelers.

The U.S. government should not sponsor NASCAR. “Army,” “Air Force” or “National Guard” logos should not be bought to go onto cars, unless the money comes from the military’s recruitment budget; and the logos say, “Join the Army,” “Join the Air Force” or “Join the National Guard.”

The largest unfunded mandate in history is ObamaCare. That’s why governors, who don’t want to destroy their states, are refusing to accept ObamaCare. 

What kind of society allows convicted sex offenders back into its neighborhoods? A society so ashamed of itself that it feels it deserves to be preyed upon. Should we have to put up with the worry and expense of monitoring them? 

What’s taking the state Republicans so long to propose their own plan to eliminate the State deficit? We elected them to lower taxes and remove business regulations so the tax base would grow.

If congressional Republicans propose only $6 billion in cuts to the federal budget for the next six months, and they negotiate down to $3 billion, how long will it take to pay off the debt of $14 trillion? 2,333 years.

Why are we putting up with government mandates that make gasoline more expensive? There are 50 different blends that the EPA requires oil companies to manufacture to make gasoline less harmful to the environment. Is it worth it?

Bill Maxfield